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Web Design for Skip Hop

Here are some homepage designs I made for for Skip Hop, a design company dedicated to producing smartly designed essentials for parents, babies and toddlers. In some cases, I left blank spaces for photos of new weekly sale items. 

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Instructional Design

At NYC Health + Hospitals, and the NYC Department of Sanitation, much of my work involved creating teaching tools for staff, patients, and the public. Online modules included HIPAA training, Joint Commission Preparedness, and the creation of an Epic training intranet site. Here are storyboard sketches for an introductory course on clay handbuilding for Gasworks NYC. 

Storyboard Sketches for Online Introduction to Clay Handbuilding

Motion Graphics

Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) Identity Animation
In order to teach myself After Effects, I put together a quick animated intro to CUIMC displaying the Medical Center's location, logo, and mission.   

Design at Bellevue Hospital

Before moving to the NYC Department of Sanitation, and NYC Health + Hospitals Central Office, I designed promotional and patient educational materials for the nation's oldest public hospital. Founded forty years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, with a mission to serve all those in need, Bellevue today has a staff of nearly 5,000 and sees 500,000 patient visits per year. I wrote the hospital's tagline, "Caring for New York Since 1736," and worked on a number of projects to improve patient care and hospital visibility. 

275 year timeline

I wrote and designed a timeline of important Bellevue events and discoveries (first hospital based ambulance service, first microsurgical replantation, Nobel Prize for cardiac catheterization, ect.) for the hospital's 275th anniversary


Facility map

At Bellevue, providers noted that patients were missing appointments because they could not figure out where they needed to go within the six-building, 26 story hospital complex. I used architectural blueprints to create a user-friendly map of the different areas within the hospital complex, had it map translated into multiple languages, and worked with providers to make sure that each patient knew where they needed to go next and how to get there. 

Patient Guide

Meeting with admissions office staff at Bellevue, I noticed that each inpatient at the hospital was given a manilla folder with photocopies of various info sheets from different hospital departments. I compiled and rewrote all of the information in plain language, made additions and subtractions, met with stakeholders and designed a comprehensive forty page inpatient guidebook to the hospital. The latest version of the guide is now available in thirteen languages.

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Marketing for MetroPlus Health Plan

In 2017, I wrote and designed a series of advertisements for the MetroPlus health plan for MetroPlus Gold. The advertisements, highlighting the health plan's low cost and large network of providers, were distributed as postcards and flyers, and displayed digitally in city agencies.


Policy Presentations

Below are a few presentations I have given on issues relating to my work at NYC Health + Hospitals and the Department of Sanitation.

Press Materials for Under the Table

Here is a press kit I designed for a play by the Under the Table theater company entitled The Hunchbacks of Notre Dame. The play, a slapstick comedy, is the story of three inept siblings trying to cobble together fame and fortune. I matched the press materials to the personalities of the siblings, using crossed out text and masking tape as design elements. 

Hand lettered designs

I have been experimenting with hand-lettered text on some projects including this proposal for book of games, and this party invitation. The book of games is similar to many of my other design projects in that it aims to break complex systems down into simple steps. See the slideshow below for example illustrations.


Ceramic sculptures, illustration,
animation and other art projects

Check out my other website, davezackin.com for my illustration, animation, and fine art work.

Click on the image above to visit the site. 

Click on the image above to visit the site.