Visualization and Infographic Design 

CUNY ISPH Visualization and Infographic Design – June 2018
Chart data is presented in infographic and dynamic formats. Please note, this page is not publicly viewable. 



Ending the AIDS Epidemic in New York State by the end of 2020

Note: the dynamic charts can adapt to multiple aspect ratios and can be quickly updated with new data, but allow fewer variations in typeface and design. I put together the infographic using Adobe Illustrator, and the dynamic charts using Datawrapper. I am now looking into alternatives to Datawrapper that allow more flexibility in design.

Update: I tried out Infogram this morning. See image below. It looks like infogram allows a few more variations than datawrapper, but does not allow me to vary the line weight or point size on the chart. Also, I need to make the 2436 point blue instead of orange.